John Daley [COSFORD]

Fun 'n' flight volunteer John Daley in front of a Supermarine Spitfire.

John Daley was born in West Birmingham and has been a volunteer at the RAF Museum for 8 years. He joined the Museum once he retired and has continued to serve the role as a Fun ‘n’ Flight explainer.

What is Fun ‘n’ flight explainer?

An explainer is a volunteer who gives their time to inform the public, children and the schools that visit the RAF Museum in Cosford on the history of the RAF and its progression with aeronautics. They teach a lot about how planes fly and how they are involved with public life.

What do you enjoy most about being a Fun ‘n’ flight volunteer?

What I enjoy most about being Fun ‘n’ flight explainer is knowing I have the power to make the experience as interesting to the children as possible. I know I have succeeded in that task when I receive a barrage of questions at me after I have finished talking, sometimes even running out of time before being able to answer them all.

Why is your role important to these children?

It’s useful for children to learn basic mechanics of flight to aid them in a possible future career opportunity. Also teaching the stories of RAF personnel is important as it’s the least they deserve for their service.

What has been the best moment you have had whilst volunteering?

Running a Christmas at war activity for a school group and discovering that the school is located where I grew up in Albion, West Birmingham and I was able to talk about the area during the war to all the teachers and kids.

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