Ethan Jean-Marie [LONDON]

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I am currently in the selection process to join the RAF as a Personnel Support Officer. My interest in the RAF was prompted by my great-grandfather who served in the RAF as a pilot officer during World War II. I have always been fascinated by warplanes and pivotal battles, milestone events and cultural figures.

I started volunteering at the museum in January 2018. I joined to improve my knowledge and skills and so far, it has been a fulfilling journey. The experience has given me the opportunity to meet and interact with staff, volunteers and visitors from different backgrounds and communities. It has also taken me out of my comfort zone as an introvert – giving me the confidence to be more approachable.

I have taken on a number of roles, thereby assisting with a few community outreach projects, family events, marketing as an evaluation volunteer, and participated in a few training sessions. All of which I was able to do with enthusiasm and efficiency with the support of volunteering team.

The challenge for me so far is the travel from home to the museum so I try to find an activity slot where I can spend an entire day volunteering rather than a couple hours. The staff have been very supportive, friendly, and easy-going. After each event, I feel satisfied having completed a task knowing that I’ve contributed to something worthwhile.