Chris Fenwick [LONDON]


Chris Fenwick – Aircraft Access Volunteer

I’m Chris Fenwick and I am a former design engineer for a lighting control company. I have volunteered for the RAF Museum for a year and a half. I live a short distance from the Museum so when I retired I took a look online and saw there was an opportunity to join the Cold War Experience team as a volunteer. So I applied. Then a short time later was accepted and given a date for a training course.

Only a week after that I was conducting my own cold war experiences and did so every month from then. Over time I became involved in even more volunteering opportunities at the Museum. This included joining the Aircraft Access team, which was easy to do due to the similarities in the role.

You don’t need to know everything about aircraft to be part of the team, you will be taught everything you need to know in your induction. If you have some interest in the subject and enjoy finding out information for yourself you will be perfect. Also bear in mind whilst having the knowledge to share with visitors is great the most important thing you need to remember is your main role is to ensure visitors are safe. This especially apparent when they are getting in and out of the aircraft.

If forced pick a favourite era of aircraft to assist with, I would have to say the First World War. Although in both world war’s aircraft technology dramatically progressed, the way it did in the First World War is truly staggering. This is why I love directing the experiences with that collection.

I’d urge someone to join the Aircraft Access team because it is great fun. You can constantly find and talk to people with a common interest to you. However, an even better persuasion is the satisfaction you feel after seeing a smile on someone’s face after the great experience they just had. The feeling is truly boundless.