A day in the Archive [LONDON]

By Maria K


I wasn’t sure what to expect coming to the museum that day. I met up with Rachel, who took me to see Andrew.  I felt very welcome and at home. We had a short briefing and then Andrew took us to see the archives. I had mentioned that I was studying the Napoleonic Wars, and so he showed me a letter written by the Duke of Wellington. He also showed us some Battle of Britain letters, written by a fellow writing to his father. After showing us a few logbooks and drawings, we were taken into the other room, where I read through enquires made to the museum made by the general public. Some were incredibly vague, like the gentleman who wrote something along the lines of: “I have a 2.ww lamp, help mee” and some were written like text messages in the early 00’s, complete with emoticons. I found them quite amusing, to be honest.

Searching for some documents using microfilm was very interesting. The machine was fun to use. Filing periodicals into the system was fulfilling, up until the point that we had to document every article within them in depth, which confused me as I wasn’t entirely certain as to what the museum considered as relevant information.

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