Adam Porter [COSFORD]

How did you become a Volunteer at the RAF Museum Cosford?

I am currently serving at RAF Cosford. Having injured my back in May 2014, I was pushed from pillar to post for long period of time with nothing to do. So when the opportunity to come and volunteer at the RAF Museum Cosford fell into my lap I grabbed it. Luckily for me my warrant officer from RAF Cosford was in current contact with Phil Clayton the Learning Manager at the Cosford Museum. They were in need of an extra pair of hands in the office and I was in need of a job. It all fitted well.

What is your role at the Museum and how long have you been doing it?

I started my volunteering career at Cosford’s site in November 2015. Since I have been here I have gathered more tasks but my main role is to assist the Volunteering Manager, Judith Karena. When I first arrived Judith had not been there long and all of the records and most of the databases of active and non-active volunteers were in disarray. I have spent a few months now trying to get everything into order. I feel as though I am finally starting to make some headway and work out who we have here and who doesn’t volunteer anymore.

What aspects do you enjoy most about volunteering at the Museum?

I enjoy working at the Museum because there is such a good team working around you. Whether in the office or out and about on site. For me personally it has been able to give me a certain amount of my life back. Being able to go into the office and work with the ladies and gents. There always seems to be something new on my desk when I come in and it always seems to challenge what I can do. If I cannot do it then it means I will learn new skills.

What have you gained from your time volunteering at the Museum and what do you hope to achieve during the rest of your time with us?

For me working in the office I have managed to refresh my computer skills but also learn new ones. I have gained a lot of experience working in the office. I have not worked in an office environment like this before so it has been a good experience. In the rest of my time here I look forward to enhancing my computer skills even more but more so than that I would like to continue to challenge myself with the work that I take on. There is always something to do in the office so there is always something new for me to try out.

What would you say to someone who is considering volunteering at RAFM?

For anyone thinking about volunteering in a place such as the Museum I would definitely say go for it! Yes it’s nice because you can claim back some of your expenses but more than that you get to meet so many new people. People that may have come from all walks of life. There are a lot of retirees that volunteer at the Museum. A lot of them have got so much time: not only to help you learn, but also to help progress any skills you may already have; give you advice and, best of all, a lot of them have got so many stories to tell, if you are willing to listen.